You will consult with a board-certified physician every visit. 

New Patient Visit &
Return Patient Visits


#1 - B12 MIC+ 

#2 - B12 


- Garcinia Cambogia 

- Daily weight loss vitamins

**See "Medications" page for medication and 'diet shot' details. **


Office Visits

Your visit should be similar to other doctor visits you may have experienced in the past.

  • There are new patient forms to fill out to obtain your personal medical history and contact information.
  • Doctor will review your history, weight loss goals, past attempts to lose weight and set realistic goals for your weight. 
  • The doctor will perform an examination, including vital signs, height and weight, body fat % will be measured as well as a general physical examination. 
  • Together you will decide what best FDA-Approved prescription medication regimen will work best for you.
  • Together you will decide if any additional supplements or if a 'diet shot' is right for you.
  • You will typically be requested to return for follow up in 2-4 weeks. 

Home/Group Visits

(see "Home Visit" page)

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 What to Expect

Your Doctor Visit