​Lose Weight Now ! 


Diet / Exercise

The best way to sustain your weight loss is to develop healthy habits. This includes regular exercise and eating healthy. Our doctors and staff will counsel you on these things making your goals realistic and working with you as an individual.


Other over-the-counter supplements may be discussed during your visit.


Current FDA-approved medications for obesity/weight management. 

Information about these medications is for informational purposes only. If you are being seen by our practice then full informed consent will be given. Medications have potential side effects and utilizing medications are only considered if the benefit outweighs the possible side effects. This will be determined on a patient-by-patient basis and only by the physician.  This list is not for the patient to choose which medication they prefer. This is simply for informational purposes only to inform a potential patient of possible medications that will be considered. 

Phentermine (Adipex-D)

This is the most commonly prescribed FDA-approved medication for weight loss. This medication is long-acting and classified as an 'appetite suppressant.' It is in the 'amphetamine' class of drugs and therefore is a 'stimulant' to the body. It will boost your energy, improve your metabolism of fat, and block the sensation of hunger all day! It is taken once daily and it is highly effective. This medication has been FDA-approved for many years and has an excellent track record for safety.

Phendimetrazine (Bontril)

This medication is chemically similar to phentermine. It is also a strong 'appetite suppressant' in the amphetamine class of drugs, it will help curb your eating, boost your energy and burn up fat. It is also highly effective and has been FDA approved for many years with an excellent track record for safety. Its effectiveness is similar to phentermine. 

Qsymia / Topamax

This medication, Qsymia is FDA-Approved combination medication with low-dose phentermine and topamax.  It is approved for chronic daily use (unlimited duration) for weight management. Our practice does not dispense Qsymia, but the same combination of medication may be considered and can be prescribed.  Topamax has been historically used as an anti-seizure medication. It has been widely used as a migraine headache prophylactic agent to decrease intensity and frequency of migraine headaches. It was found to cause weight loss as a 'side effect.'  Recently, th new drug combo 'Qsymia' was FDA approved for chronic and daily use.  There are different precautions and side effects with this medication and you can discuss this with the doctor to see if it is right for you. 


Belviq is a newer medication FDA-Approved for obesity including long-term treatment.  This drug effects certain serotonin receptors in the brain that promote satiety (feeling full). 

Contrave / Wellbutrin
​Contrave is a newer medication for chronic weight management. Contrave contains Wellbutrin (bupropion) typically an anti-depressant / anti-anxiety medication which is also used to help with smoking cessation.  This medication is combined with narcan (naltrexone) to promote weight loss. Narcan is used in alcoholism and helps patients stop drinking alcohol.  This medication combo is very helpful for patients with 'addictive' food behaviors. 

Saxenda (injectable)

This medication is one of the newest drugs to combat obesity. This drug helps to benefit your metabolic system and insulin resistance (commonly seen in obesity).  It is the only injectable medication indicated for obesity.