Diet shots have been widely used at Weight Loss Centers nationally. Almost all diet shots contain vitamin B12. This is an important essential vitamin for our bodies.  While it is common to be deficient in this vitamin it has significant benefits when mega doses are given. While there are no reported adverse effects from mega dosing of Vitamin B12, benefits to supplementation include increased energy, improve mood and mental function. 

Most Weight loss centers also offer a combination of other supplements within their popular diet shots. The popular combo called M.I.C. is an acronym for 3 commonly used amino acids. Methionine, Inositol and Choline.  These 3 amino acids help in fat burning, appetite suppression and energy giving.

*All of the combo shots offered contain the popular B12 + MIC combo in addition to other amino acids or vitamins. [note ingredients for each shot].  


Any of these shots are most effective if given weekly.  Typically due to logistical factors and cost, most patients will get this 1-2 times per month. The injection will last at least 1 week+, biochemically.  Injections are more potent then oral vitamins (which require a daily dose), but the maximum benefit/effect of the shot does wears off within 1-2 weeks.  For that reason you can set up more frequent shots or consider some oral supplements to keep your fat burning vitamin/amino acid levels at their max!  Discuss this with your doctor during your visit. 

Shots are typically used to 'enhance' your weight loss and energy. They are typically used along with prescription appetite suppressants. However, they are powerful enough alone to aid in weight loss. They may be used alone and/or in combination with other types of non-prescription supplements. 

#2 Vitamin B-12

Energy booster! 

Vitamin B-12 [1000mcg] is an essential vitamin. It can help promote higher energy levels, improve mood and mental function.

[ingredient: methylcobalamin]

Diet Shots


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There will be more information on the different types of vitamin and supplements offered at your visit.

Diet Shots

#1 B-12 + M.I.C. 

Enhanced Energy and powerful weight loss!(our most popular shot)

B-complex + MIC

This injection [1 mL] contains vitamin B-12 and the most popular combination  M.I.C. fat burning amino acids. 

*the most popular combo found at majority of weight loss centers*

[ingredients: Methionine, Inositol, Choline, Cyanocobalamin (B-12)